Investment Management

Great investment management starts with understanding each client’s immediate and long term needs and evolving goals. We begin our process with a comprehensive look at the big picture, in the marketplace and in your life-planning. Then, we customize a strategy that matches your lifestyle and legacy plans by combining best-in-class institutional managers and funds.

Since this approach eliminates any potential conflict of interest, your best interests are always our clear and primary focus.

Proactive and Transparent

You can count on us to keep you up to date on your investments and our strategies with long-term and just-in-time information, delivered the way you want it. You’ll never have to guess what’s going on – because we’ll be right beside you when you need us.

We manage Investment Portfolios for:
  • Individuals
  • Trusts
  • Endowments, Charities & Entities
  • Retirement Accounts

We focus first on
understanding and
controlling risk, then
maximizing returns.

A quiet moment with
Trust & Wealth client Ed Opler.

As a senior citizen I have come to the realization that NOW is the time to make a well organized financial plan which is appropriate to my retirement situation. In this endeavor I have been professionally guided by the Bank of Jackson Hole Trust & Wealth Partners in developing my personal plan towards a sound financial future, as well as achieving peace of mind.

– Ed Opler

Planning for Life

Life is unpredictable. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead, anticipating milestones and building a flexible platform for financial success.

Financial and Retirement Planning

For all fiduciary and investment management clients of Trust & Wealth Partners, financial and retirement planning is available at no additional cost to assist our clients better achieve their financial and legacy goals.

We include relevant discussions, analysis and research with all meetings with our clients to help them understand their current circumstances, help them develop and articulate their reasonable goals, and prepare reporting and analysis to assess their current financial status and ability to meet goals. That understanding and analysis is then used as a critical component in creating investment strategies for the client, and modifying those strategies when appropriate.

To learn more,
please contact one of
our Trust & Investment
Partners professionals.

Our Investment Partners

We manage the asset managers who manage your money.

Partner providing asset allocation analytics, fund due diligence and individual security strategies

Partner providing asset allocation analytics and fund due diligence

A preferred
mutual fund partner

A preferred
mutual fund partner

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