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Our client facing team of professionals is located in the Jackson, Wyoming office.
Dale Schuman, J.D.
Director of Trust & Wealth Partners
Taking Trust Personally

Dale Schuman (JD, MBA) is dedicated to the practice of financial stewardship through building trust. For Dale, that means personal trust as well as professional integrity.

He takes this philosophy seriously in his role as Senior Vice President, Director of Trust & Wealth Partners. As an attorney and trust officer with more than 30 years of experience, Dale appreciates the privilege of continuing his commitment to strong personal relationships with clients here in Wyoming, regionally and nationally. He believes in helping clients in ways that many financial institutions would never consider, and is proud to provide the knowledge, stability and innovation that they can depend upon.

Dale has deep roots in the Rocky Mountains and says living and working in Jackson Hole combines the best of all worlds with its spectacular landscape, close-knit community, and advantageous financial climate.  Whenever he can, Dale makes time to pursue his passion for fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, golfing and hiking.

Dale is active in numerous professional organizations and is a member of the Bar Association of Washington.

“Dale takes the time to understand the legacy that each client dreams of building, then he shows them how to make it happen,” says long-time client Jodi Spear  “ I know I can trust him to fulfill my intentions toward my family and my community, even when I’m not here to do it myself.”

“Even when I moved to the coast, I never even considered changing my trust relationship. I know I can trust my assets — and my life — to Dale.  He takes care of us like friends and treats us like family.”

Jodi Spear, Astoria, OR

EMAIL: dschuman@bojh.com
Direct Line: (307) 732-3057
Main Office: (307) 732-3071

10 E. Pearl Ave.
P.O. Box 7002
Jackson, WY  83002
Debbie A. Schultz
VP – Senior Trust Relationship Officer
Bringing real value to my community

Sometimes you just know when it’s time to make a big change. Debbie Schultz reached that moment when she noticed a professional posting that mentioned the idyllic mountain town of Jackson Hole. “Dale Schuman wrote a job description that seemed to fit my experience and my need for a new challenge,” Debbie says, “and I was compelled to answer. I did my research, and everything I found out made the move sound perfect.”

Trust & Wealth Partners had the same positive reaction to Debbie’s application. Soon, she had traded her lifestyle of high desert, horses, children and extensive professional cross-country travel for the thriving small community of Jackson Hole.

“It’s a major move from a large metropolitan area to a mountain town, and it’s one I’m looking forward to,” she says.

Debbie feels that her interests match up well with what Jackson Hole has to offer. Once a breeder and trainer of Andalusian horses, she looks forward to getting involved in some of the many equine activities in Teton County.  She also has a passion for helping children and adults with special needs, through volunteer activities as well as through professional Trust services. “I’m really a small-town girl at heart,” Debbie says. “I love the idea that I can get to know my neighbors and bring real value to my community.”

“My background includes a strong focus in Special-Needs Trusts, and I look forward to bringing that specialty to the Bank,” Debbie says. “I like to concentrate on taking care of people as they want and need. How can anyone do that unless they’ve taken the time and effort to get to know their clients as individuals, not just as cases?”  Debbie says that Trust & Wealth Partners’ focus on personal attention matches her style of relationships-first banking.

A recent empty-nester, Debbie has two children who are busy pursuing post-secondary opportunities. Her son is studying accounting and her daughter, who hopes to become an aerospace engineer, is in the process of entering the Air Force.

Debbie and her husband are looking forward to enjoying the outdoor experiences of Jackson Hole through their interests in cycling, hiking, photography and wildlife watching as well as becoming involved in the thriving cultural and arts community that Jackson Hole offers.

“I don’t make big changes often,” Debbie says, “but when I do, I go with my whole heart.”

EMAIL: dschultz@bojh.com
Main Office: (307) 732-3071
Direct: (307) 732-3058

10 E. Pearl Ave.
P.O. Box 7002
Jackson, WY  83002
Tyrel Wray
Assistant Vice President – Trust Operations Manager
The Good Steward

Tyrel Wray grew up learning the value of hard work and planning for the future, bound to the land and connected by family.

“I grew up in the same house where my grandfather and father grew up. Our family has a long history on the land and we consider it a privilege to try to conserve that heritage for the next generation.” Tyrel’s family includes his wife and his own six-year-old daughter, plus parents, seven siblings, and 26 nieces and nephews. His wife is a native of Jackson Hole with a large clan as well “I feel so fortunate to be able to spend as much time as possible with family,” Tyrel says. “Living in Jackson Hole keeps us close to the people we love the most.”

Mountains and wilderness are a second home to Tyrel, with his passion for hiking, camping, biking, boating and a new-found love for downhill skiing.

Tyrel was first drawn to the Tetons as a teenager when he took a summer job as a tour guide on Jenny Lake and struck up a friendship with the girl who would become his wife. They went their separate ways, but when Tyrel went to work for a CPA after college he discovered that fate was drawing them back together — his new boss was the father of Tyrel’s young friend! The couple renewed – and expanded – their relationship, and were married in 2011.

Coming to the Bank of Jackson Hole was a happy and natural step for Tyrel and his family. “Dale Schuman is a man of integrity,” Tyrel says.  “I could tell from our first meeting that he cares about people and will do whatever it takes to help them realize their dreams. His interest in me started with how I would interact with his team and the community.

“The Bank of Jackson Hole is a perfect size for our region and a perfect fit for me. I appreciate the family-owned, person-oriented culture here.

I see myself working at Trust & Wealth Partners for the next thirty years, doing my part to be a good steward of our great resources and our amazing way of life. That’s the legacy I want to leave for my daughter and her children.”

“The Bank of Jackson Hole is a perfect size for our region and a perfect fit for me. I appreciate the family-owned, person-oriented culture here.”

EMAIL: twray@bojh.com
Main Office: (307) 732-3071

10 E. Pearl Ave.
P.O. Box 7002
Jackson, WY  83002
Tsvetelina Bush
Trust Administrator

Falling in Love

When Bulgaria native Tsvetelina Bush traveled to the US as part of an exchange program in 2016, she never imagined she would fall in love. First with the Tetons that surrounded her in her summer job at Jackson Lake Lodge, and then with a fellow employee, Floridian Steven Bush.  By the summer of 2017 they were married and traveling the world, sharing a passion for experiencing different cultures. But ever since that first summer, they both knew that they wanted to make Jackson Hole their home, and Tsvetelina is thrilled that her dream has come true.

Prior to her introduction to joining the Bank, Tsvetelina received her Master’s of Law degree from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, and gained experience working in one of Bulgaria’s largest law firms. “I have found that dedication and passion in studying and work pay off as success, great results and satisfaction,” she says.

Tsvetelina says she is enjoying her role helping customers find solutions to complex questions and working with the expert staff in Trust & Wealth Partners. “Joining the Bank of Jackson Hole was a huge step for me and I am excited about the opportunities it gives me to grow.”

When not at work with fellow staff and customers, Tsvetelina enjoys spending as much time as possible in the outdoors with her husband and baby son. She is looking forward to a lifelong commitment to her adopted community and to building relationships with customers, neighbors and friends.

EMAIL: tbush@bojh.com
Main Office: (307) 732-3071
Direct: (307) 732-3062

10 E. Pearl Ave.
P.O. Box 7002
Jackson, WY  83002
Ryan Wright
Trust Operations Assistant


Long-time Wyoming resident Ryan Wright just can’t get enough of his hometown. “Living and working in Jackson Hole is wonderful,” Ryan says. “I know how fortunate I am to have this as my heritage and my future.”

Ryan is a graduate of the University of Wyoming, where he earned a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Political Science & Business. After completing his studies, he took a position as Center Street Gallery Manager in Jackson Hole, followed by an eight-year tenure in real estate. Prior to joining Bank of Jackson Hole Trust & Wealth Partners, Ryan served as the Human Resources Manager for the Children’s Learning Center.

“I chose to join Trust & Wealth Partners because I’ve always had an interest in investment management and furthering my accounting skills,” Ryan says. He believes that the Bank of Jackson Hole is a good match for his goals and his community spirit. “What I appreciate most is how well we work together to serve our clients.”

Outside of work, Ryan is proud to donate his time to Old Bill’s Fun Run, Good Samaritan Mission and the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. In addition to his position at the Bank and his work for the community, Ryan enjoys skiing, fishing, hiking and exploring Grand Teton National Park.

EMAIL: rwright@bojh.com
Main Office: (307) 732-3071
Direct: (307) 732-3078

10 E. Pearl Ave.
P.O. Box 7002
Jackson, WY  83002

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